Uncover the Hidden Gems in Your Business & Assets

Accunov’s Professional Valuation Service will let you Know the True Worth of Your Business & help you Make Better Decisions

Uncover the Hidden Gems in Your Business & Assets

Accunov’s Professional Valuation Service will let you Know the True Worth of Your Business & help you Make Better Decisions

The Accunov Difference​

Speedy Turnaround

As a close-knit professional team, we will complete your accurate valuation report with a fast turnaround time. This will help you to make timely decisions.

Experience & Expertise

By having a wealth of expertise in business valuation for different industries, we can provide you with practical valuation advice and even customise the valuation by combining 2 or 3 different valuation approaches to derive the most appropriate value for your business.

Certified Valuation

Not all valuation reports are equal. Our valuation reports are validated by bankers, auditors, lawyers and/or investors and comply with the International Valuation Standards (IVS).

How to Get Your Valuation

1. Request Free Consultation

Click on the below button and let us know your needs. We will get back to you within 1 business day.

2. Phone Introduction

We will call you to clarify your goals and requirements and arrange for a non-obligatory meeting as necessary.

3. Receive Valuation Report

Know the True Worth of your business and make well- informed decisions.


I’m the founder of a tech start-up based in Singapore.

As my company is expanding rapidly and require a business valuation for capital injection, we have approached Jason and his team for his professional valuation service.

With his wealth of expertise and experience in valuation, he has provided me with useful advice about my company’s market value.

During the valuation process, he and his team have also responded promptly to my queries relating to discount rate, valuation approach, etc.

I was very impressed with the quick turnaround time to receive the complete business valuation report at a reasonable fee. He is very supportive, knowledgeable and helpful.

I would highly recommend his valuation service to other business owners/parties who need professional valuation advice.”
Accuno Accounting Services Valuation Client

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When do you need Business Valuation or other Professional Valuation Services?

In today’s dynamic fast changing business environment, many business owners or management have started dealing with the valuation of their businesses and assets more frequently compared to the old days.

However, many business owners do not know that there are different approaches to valuation for different situations.

Having worked with dozens of valuation projects successfully, we can help you.

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Here are the common reasons for valuation:

  • Financial reporting requirements for compliance with accounting standards (share options valuation and purchase price allocation)
  • Fundraising and capital injection
  • Merger and acquisition

But, what is valuation exactly? There is a famous quote: “Valuation is an art, not a science”.

The truth is that a valuation isn’t always a simple straightforward process. There is also a range of reasonable outcomes and no single number that is 100% precise.

Having said that, there are generally three internationally accepted approaches:

  1. Market approach
    Value is determined using comparable public listed companies or comparable transactions and make necessary adjustment depending on the various characteristics of the business or the asset.

  2. Cost approach
    Value is determined using the reproduction cost or replacement cost of the asset in accordance with the current market price for the similar asset after adjusting the allowance for depreciation and obsolescence. It’s also known as ‘asset-based approach’ which rely on the current value of the different assets owned by the business.

  3. Income approach
    Value is determined using the net presented value of future benefits associated with the ownership of the business or the asset. One of the common methods is the discounted cash flow methodology. The income might be represented by EBIT (earnings before interest and taxes) or other cash flow measures.

Certain valuation approach is more appropriate than the other depending on the circumstances. And importantly, the valuation work has to be validated by the bankers, auditors, lawyers, and investors.

Consulting a professionally qualified valuer can better help you assess the suitable approach to employ and in the case of the business valuation, determine the potential value of your business or asset in the current marketplace.

Stop making misinformed decisions based on guesses.

Get a free consultation from a professional valuer today and fulfill your valuation needs with affordable cost.

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Types of Valuation Services

In addition to business valuation, we provide a variety of valuation services with a high level of quality service.

It is particularly relevant for private business companies whose shares are not quoted on the stock exchange. Their balance sheet typically shows the historical value of the traditional tangible assets. 

Doing business valuation will help you assess the optimal market value of your company shares or your business when you are planning to sell the business to other parties.

Furthermore, the business valuation would also help you to determine the appropriate value of a business that you intend to acquire because a business has many variables and comparable transactions are often lacking. 

By engaging in such valuation, it could potentially save you substantial amount of money for your acquisition.

It will often be required when you are interested to attract investors for expansion when your company has some intangible assets or you are keen to acquire another company which has intangible assets.

Some of the examples are as follows:

  • Customer relationships
  • Trademarks, brands and patents
  • Technological inventions and software copyrights
  • Trade secrets and design

Purchase price allocation (PPA) is a process of determining and assigning the fair value of all identifiable assets and liabilities of a company after merger or acquisition.

The assets may include property, inventory, machinery or intellectual property. In addition, this is a requirement under the International Financial Reporting Standard – Business Combinations.

During the PPA exercise, we would also help you measure the goodwill arising from the merger or the acquisition and perform subsequent impairment testing (if necessary).

As one of the requirements of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), the share options given to your company’s founders/employees as remuneration will need to be recognised at fair value.

Hence, the valuation of the share-based compensation would need to be carried out for the purpose of financial reporting.

Due to the financial reporting requirement of the various financial instruments to be accounted for at fair value, you would need to apply different valuation model such as “Binomial Option Pricing Model” to determine their fair value regularly, especially at year-end.

Some of the financial instruments are as follows:

  • Call and put options
  • Convertible bonds
  • Share options
  • Forward and futures contracts
  • Financial guarantees
  • Acquisition and disposal of shares valuation
  • Ownership dispute resolutions relating to minority buy-out
  • Goodwill and intangible assets impairment
  • Valuation of machinery and equipment
  • Financial and tax due diligence
  • Advisory on IPO listing

Some of our Valuation Clients

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Do You Know Your True Worth?

Do you know how much to ask for in a fundraising exercise? Is your business healthy, or dangerously close to shutting down? Can you take loan to support your business? Are you being taken advantage of in a new contract? Are you undervaluing your business?

When you know your true worth, you will be able make better-informed decisions to reduce risks and liabilities, get new cash and operating capital to support your business and etc.

Click on the below button to request a free initial consultation with us today. There is no cost and we guarantee that you will be able to gain new insights in this free consultation which will only take 15 minutes.

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