Success Story


Aleyda is Singapore’s premier mobile spa business that provides Home Massage, Spa Parties, and Corporate Spa services. Over the years, they have built up a strong brand and are looking to expand their business.


Aledya was facing problems in business expansion with their existing manual process. They have been trying to do their own accounting in-house but as their business grew, they realised they lacked the expert knowledge in handling accounting properly. They do not have adequate internal controls over invoicing and receipts.

They were spending quite a huge amount of redundant time in managing staff/customers due to an inefficient therapist booking process. They also find it difficult to keep track/monitor remuneration for the different therapists. There is no visibility of reliable and relevant financial data for decision making.

With their laborious process and lack of clear financial data, they do not feel confident in scaling their business further and came to us for our advice.


After understanding Aleyda’s goals and needs, we came up with an integrated accounting solution which includes automation of various business process such as CRM, online appointment, invoicing, receipt, auto bank feed and etc.

Aleyda also decided to outsource their accounting to us. As qualified chartered accountants, we can now provide Aleyda with accurate real time financial data, KPI analysis, payroll management and etc with our smart accounting solution.


With our proposed solution in place, Aleyda now enjoys improved efficiency resulting from automation of business processes. Manpower hours to manage staff/therapists are greatly reduced. There are now fewer mistakes in handling bookings from customers. All this leads to better customer experience.

Internal controls over invoicing and receipts are now enhanced. Aledya is also able to visualise the financial position and performance of the business at any time for better decision making.

Aleyda enjoys an affordable monthly subscription for an integrated solution as compared with heavy upfront cost for software and equipment required to build their own solutions from scratch.

Best of all, Aleyda now have a scalable solution to cater for business expansion!

Customer's Review

“I am an owner and co-founder of a mobile-spa business in Singapore.

To drive the expansion for my business, my business partner and I have been considering a suitable enterprise-wide business solution that is streamlined, robust and scalable.

At the same time, we also hope that this solution will enable us to handle the increasing volume of our business more efficiently with process automation.

Through a recommendation, we met Jason and we are very pleased to know that he and his professional team are able to help us to optimise our existing business processes and workflow at a reasonable fee.

These processes include accounting, payroll, invoicing, customer relationship management and online appointment.

By automating our business processes, we are able to free up more resources and time to focus on other important tasks for our business.

With his professional expertise and experience in helping SME business owners, we are assured of the quality of his work and his commitment to support us. He is very approachable, diligent and responsive.

Our experience with him and his team has been very positive and I would definitely recommend his professional service to any business owner who is aspiring for greater efficiency and growth.”

Director, Aleyda Pte Ltd

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