Cashless payment in Singapore

How could cashless payment help your business?

How could cashless payment help your business improve cash flow and resolve manpower constraints?

Based on the recent study, it revealed that Singapore businesses take 9.1 hours to prepare a payment run and then followed by another 4.5 hours for the banks to process. Such long cycle has led to additional manpower hours spent and delayed payments.

By adopting automated payment solutions for customers and suppliers (such as Stripe, Paypal, and others), this would certainly free up the manpower resources (especially finance team) and shorten the turnaround time for processing.

There are more benefits in doing automation for the payment process. You are able to integrate and reconcile the payments timely and easily by using our cloud accounting services. No more manual checking and verifying. This reduces fatigue and errors drastically. Real-time view of your cash flow position of your business is possible at any time and anywhere.

If you are wondering how to do this automation for your business, talk to us today for a hassle-free setup.


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