E Invoicing Framework in Singapore

Are you ready for E-Invoice?

As part of a nationwide effort to scale up the digital transformation for businesses in Singapore, the government has announced on the SG: Digital Industry Day that an e-invoice system and framework will be adopted.

This will help the local businesses to improve the speed of business transactions processing and minimise the errors and operating cost at the same time.

Not only the government has realised the importance of e-invoicing, but many small and medium-sized businesses have also started adopting e-invoicing by leveraging on the safe and secure cloud-based accounting solutions.

There are numerous benefits of doing so. For example, it would help the businesses to issue invoice to their customers from anywhere and anytime and payment option (such as credit card, Paypal) can be integrated with the invoice to facilitate payments received from the customers.

Furthermore, automatic e-invoice reminder will be sent to your customers if it is overdue and it would help you save the follow-up time in collecting the payments. Most of our clients have benefited because the e-invoicing is one of the fundamental features in our cloud accounting services.

If you are thinking of how to adapt and set up an e-invoice system smoothly for your business, talk to us today for a non-obligatory discussion and we will be glad to support you if you need any assistance.


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